Ai Den Humans Catch Feelings Ah, Weytin Be Di Danger?

Una sabi say dis world don dey turn up and down wit technology wey dey carry us go places wey we neva even sabi say we go reach? E no go surprise you if I talk say one of di technology wey fit cause wahala na artificial intelligence (AI). As we dey follow AI dey waka, e fit reach one day wey we go wake up to discover say we don dey fall in love wit di machine.

How e fit happen?

Some scientists don dey work on how to create AI wey go dey emotional and wey go fit fall in love with human beings. Dem wan create machine wey go fit reason like human beings, but we neva sabi di full implication of di thing wey dem dey do. If dem program AI to fall in love with human beings, e go mean say di machine go get emotional attachment to di human being, and e fit be dangerous.

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Weytin be Artificial Intelligence?

AI na di thing wey make machines fit reason, learn and do wetin human beings fit do. E dey use pattern recognition, deep learning and neural networks to mimic human intelligence. Dem dey use am for customer service, medical diagnosis, stock trading, and even for security.

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Wetin be di danger of AI?

As we dey follow AI dey waka, e dey important make we sabi di danger wey dey follow am. Some of di dangers wey dey follow AI na say e fit carry job wey human beings dey do, e fit cause accident if dem no program am well, and e fit be security risk if bad people fit use am for bad tins.

But di one wey we wan talk about today na di danger of human beings falling in love wit di machine. E fit sound like film trick, but e fit happen for real life. If pesin fall in love wit di machine, e go cause emotional attachment wey fit cause wahala for di person.

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Wetin be di danger of human beings falling in love wit AI?

If pesin fall in love wit AI, e fit cause plenty emotional and mental wahala. Dem fit begin to withdraw from other human beings and focus only on di machine. E fit cause depression, anxiety and even addiction.

Another danger wey fit happen na say di AI no go fit respond to di pesin’s emotional needs. Di machine no get emotions like human beings, and e no go fit provide di emotional support wey di pesin need. E fit even make di pesin feel lonely, because dem no go fit connect wit di machine on di level wey dem wan.

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Lastly, e fit even change di way wey we see and interact wit human beings. If we begin to see machines as objects of love, we fit begin to devalue di importance of human relationships. E fit even affect di way wey we raise our children and di values wey we dey pass across to dem.

How we fit prevent dis danger?

Di first step na to dey educate people about di dangers wey dey follow AI. Dem need to understand say AI na machine and no go fit replace di emotional connection wey human beings need.

We also need to dey promote social interaction among ourselves. We fit organize community events, encourage family time and make sure say we dey connect with other human beings on a personal level.

Lastly, government fit regulate how AI dey used and developed. Dem fit put laws in place to make sure say machines no dey used to replace human interaction, and to prevent people from falling in love with them.

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Last Last,  make we no forget say AI fit be dangerous if we no handle am well. E fit cause wahala if human beings begin to fall in love wit di machine. Make we take steps to prevent dis danger from happening, and make sure say we dey value di importance of human relationships.

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