Steps To Decorating Your First Apartment

Steps To Decorating Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment may come along with loads of stress and headaches, especially when it is your first apartment. Finding the best designs and furniture for your apartment and decorating it from scratch can be very challenging and overwhelming most of the time.

 Decorating your personal space and making it extremely comfortable is never easy as it seems and it is even more difficult if it is your first apartment since all you might have is a space to fill with the right things and sometimes very little money. Even with such limited resources, they are ways you can employ to make your apartment feel like home and shine right from the beginning. In this article, we will go through some smart apartment decorating ideas and guidelines, which will ensure your first apartment looks 100 percent mature, but also youthful, fun, and most importantly, have “you” written all over it.

1. Let the core nature of the design reflect your personality

This being your very first apartment, your personal space should be styled in a way that will project your likes and persona. “The goal should be to create a space that reflects who you are and gives you a foundation for what your style may evolve into,” Marie Cloud, owner of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio, stated. She also advised that designs be curated for some time to avoid impulsively designing only to change it within a year.

2. Go all out

In designing your very first apartment, you need to think creatively and boldly. Considering the use of textured pillows, removable wallpapers, nice lighting, wall art, etc. constitute some of the few ways one can decorate his apartment in a more modern way.

3. Pick appropriately scaled furniture

The idea of having a huge and comfortable space should be reserved for future homes since big pieces of furniture may not necessarily fit into your new apartment. Also, very small furniture can completely deface the balance of the room, making your entire decoration seem “amateurish”.

4. Procure dual-purpose furniture and focus on storage

Steps To Decorating Your First Apartment
Buying furniture that multi-tasks is one way of getting value for money and saving some more cash. The use of furniture like storage ottomans and benches can perform both storage functions and is sometimes used as extra seating when you are low on seats. Pullout sofas and dining tables are sometimes converted into work-from-home equipment. Another important point to note down in selecting furniture is its storage capacity. I will advise that between a cute furniture option and one that has a ton of storage potential, go with the latter.

5. Include greenery and art in your decoration

A little touch of green, whether real or fake, will add life to your designs and beef up their beauty. Keeping plants on shelves, tables, and even in your bathroom will add texture to your design. Another way to make your apartment look beautiful is by the use of found art. Displaying good arts and décor especially collected in your travels, hanging beautiful photos of family and friends and personal accolades will do the trick.

6. Include lights in designs

Adding the right number of lights can help make your space feel homier, especially if your apartment has few or no windows at all. Using both overhead and table lighting adds different levels of intensity, making your space feel less blunt.

7. Avoid hand-me-downs

“While it’s super tempting, don’t only take free items from family or Craigslist,” Wood says. “Be picky with those hand-me-downs and be sure to make your own choices, so your space feels like a reflection of you.”

Beyond these basics mentioned above, there is a lot to learn. Therefore, whether you are a long-term leaseholder who wants to make his or her apartment feel like a polished home or a first-time apartment dweller, the above guidelines will make your apartment work.

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