Women; The Unsung Heroes in The Political Scene

Stacy Abrams

The end of the Second World War saw a major development in the political scene. Women, who were initially non-actors in the political arena decided to pick up leadership roles and become more involved in the administration processes of states and nation-states.

Most post-war periods have proven vital in the restructuring of development patterns and societies which normally gives rise to the birth of new rights, hopes, and opportunities for minorities in societies. The European Research Council in an article published on the role of women in Post-War Times stated that post-war periods “are generally times of hope for a brighter future because they carry endless opportunities for massive transformation. On the other hand, they also bring about profound social, political and economic instabilities”.

Women; The Unsung Heroes in The Political Scene
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Although this makeshift period has dire effects and consequences on the general public, these consequences vary and affect both males and females differently. Several studies have depicted that the impacts of these transitional periods have a substantial effect on the lives of women as compared to that of men. It is in these periods of transition after the First and Second World Wars that the movement and idea of feminism were brought about or created and it paved the way for the advocating of women’s roles and rights in society.

After the great wars, women began picking up roles in the political world and contributed immensely to decision-making in their respective jurisdictions. These roles taken up by females were in the form of contesting in elections to choose representatives for the people in the legislative organs of states, participating in the national and global struggles for power, and forming think-tanks and pressure groups that sought to advocate, amplify, and educate people on the need for women to be included in the political space.

Ellen Johnson
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Former President of Liberia

Today, even though the number of women occupying top political positions in the world is few, these honorable women who find themselves in topmost political spaces always try to find a way to create more opportunities and bring up more females to occupy other roles in the administration of states. These opportunities mostly come in the form of mentorship, educational scholarships, and provision of aid and grants among others.

While most people, especially males, argue that women have been successfully integrated into the political arena, some studies and personal research have proven this argument to be far from the truth. This is because the number of women involved in the administrative sector of states falls short compared to the number of males also present in these administrative sectors. This inequality when analyzed depicts a wider picture of the patriarchy and a male-dominated world which preys on the opportunities readily available to women. This attitude is not only present in politics but has engulfed other important sectors in life such as the fields of business and commerce, etc.

Women; The Unsung Heroes in The Political Scene
Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei, UN International Elections Commissioner and former chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana

Just as men have been trusted with the authority of political control from time immemorial, it’s high time that women should be moved from the sidelines and trusted with assisting men in the main field of politics since most women possess the requisite leadership skills necessary in the administration of affairs of states.

Again, the few women who have had a seat at the political table can boast of the positive impact of their position in the lives of females across the globe. For instance, the political strides and positive impacts of the works of some prominent female personalities like the United States Vice President Kamala Harris, Former President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama etc. have boosted the confidence of other women aspiring to be in such position.

Women; The Unsung Heroes in The Political Scene
Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, Former First Lady of United States

It is in this spirit of “what men can do; women can do better” that I think the world should do away with the patriarchy and focus on encouraging and empowering women in the political scene because the presence of women in active politics will not only put an end to inequality but will come a long way to help eradicate the notion of male dominance and superiority.


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