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Making extra money on the side is very easy when you know the kind of opportunities and areas to look for. Having side hustles assists you, mostly during a career change, to mask employment and skill gaps. Data collected in the United States of America states that about 40% of Americans have a side hustle, which fetches them a monthly average stipend of about $483. Also in Africa, about 63% of the labor force is involved in some type of side gig, aside their main jobs.

Whether you want to pay off a student loan debt, build an emergency fund, save for a big purchase, or make more money, finding a very good side hustle outside your chief job is a great way to grasp your objective. This article seeks to inform you about seven of the best side hustles that can help you rake in extra cash.  

1. Fashion Consultant

Fashionistas with a taste for current drifts in the world of fashion might be able to acquire side jobs as fashion consultants for high-end shoppers and celebrities. Some clients offer top dollar for fashion advice on individual pieces, whole outfits, colors, styles, and fabrics that will suit the client’s preferences, style, body type, and price range, as well as the occasion the client will attend. As a fashion consultant, the likes, dislikes, styles, goals, and personalities of various clients should be taken into consideration when dealing with them. According to The Art Career Project, fashion consultants normally earn from $50 to $500 for their work.

2. Online Instructor

Online instructors and tutors earn an average salary of $30 per hour for sharing their knowledge with the world. This is a remote job and is based on the schedule of the instructor. The biggest advantage of online tutoring is the level of convenience it provides to instructors, people who go into online tutoring mostly determine the number of sessions they want to have and the timing of each tutorial session. This makes it a great and easy side project to transition into and manage. Another advantage of this side hustle is its ability to draw students of all nationalities and age groups and tutoring sessions can be based on a wide range of topics like mathematics, science, language, playing musical instruments among others. Online platforms like Chelsea International Education, Wyzant, or Varsity Tutors serve as online platforms for the delivery of tutorials.

3. Social Media and Digital Operations Manager for SMEs

Almost every Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) is over-reliant on subcontracting for most of their digital operations and activities. These companies mainly solicit help on different parts of their business. For instance, these companies and businesses primarily contact outside parties to handle their social media presence and seek content writers to build their websites. As a Social Media and Digital Operations Manager for SMEs, you assume full responsibility for the stability and availability of all the business’ digital platforms, including managing senior partners and vendors, to provide the best digital experience. Aside from overseeing the day-to-day operation of the company or business, you indirectly mentor team members and implement best practices across all levels.

4. Freelance Graphic Designing

Having a good background in graphic design can earn you a spot in the world of freelance graphic design. Transitioning into freelancing exposes you the numerous companies and individuals, ready to acquire the services of designers who will help transform their hallucination into actuality. As a side hustle, you can employ your unique graphic designing skills in the making of logos, flyers, company cards, and story illustrations, and guess what, all this can be done within the comfort of your home. Owning graphic editing software is the first step in transitioning into freelance graphic designing.

5. Driving Commercial

One of the top-paying side gigs in recent times is commercial driving. The requirements needed in order to become a commercial driver are quite easy. Having a smartphone with constant connection to the internet, a car in good working shape, and a driver’s license sets you up and makes you eligible to register as a member on some of the most renowned driving applications in the world like Uber, Bolt, Yango, etc. Becoming a great commercial driver has its own requirements but exhibiting a positive attitude to your riders and making your car extremely comfortable is a step in the right direction.

6. Software Developer and Web Designer

Software developers take up responsibility for maintaining and updating application software, testing automation designs, and troubleshooting software issues. According to FlexJobs, this side hustle can fetch you an average of $55 an hour. Web designing is another lucrative venture when it comes to side hustling. Being a web designer means having an eye for great web designs and also having a strong background in tech. Assuming the role of a web designer means having a general knowledge of platforms like WordPress, CSS and jQuery.

7. Baking

Channeling your passion for baking into a side hustle is one way to earn some extra cash. Baking some of your best foods regularly and putting them on the market provides one with the avenue to make more money whiles doing what you love. For starters, joining school and community bake sales, setting up stalls in markets, and selling your baked goods during gatherings such as festivals, rallies, etc will provide you the market needed to advertise your products. Offering home-based pick-up services is also another means to sell your product. You can also ask a local bakery to sell your cakes or brownies for a fee.

Side hustles have become more popular and profitable in recent times. A study shows that the percentage of side hustlers making over $1500 from 2020 to 2021 has doubled. With the number of people taking up side gigs still increasing, side hustlers use the extra cash that comes in to cushion themselves against their expenses and pad their savings accounts. It also helps these individuals spend freely. However, not everyone is in the same weight class when it comes to the side hustle economy. Some surveys even show that women rely on their side gigs a lot more than men do, just as young folks also engage in them more than older people.

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