Met Gala 2024 Decoded: Everything You Need to Know on the Theme, Guest and What to Expect

2024 Met Gala

The Met Gala 2024, fashion’s biggest night, is set to dazzle audiences on May 6th in New York City. This highly anticipated event will be co-chaired by Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, and Bad Bunny, with Jonathan Anderson and Shou Zi Chew serving as honorary chairs.

Vogue will likely livestream the Met Gala 2024 red carpet, offering a glimpse into the extravagant outfits and star-studded guest list. Typically hosting around 600 attendees, the Met Gala serves as a major fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.

Blake Lively in Versace at 2022 Met Gala

What is the theme of 2024 Met Gala?

The 2024 Met Gala theme is ‘ Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’. According to Andrew Bolton, this year event Gala is ‘an ode to nature and the emotional poetics of fashion’. He explained that the exhibition will be designed around three zones: land, sea, and sky. Each will symbolise the material used within it to create the garments.

In an article published by Vogue on May 1, 2024, the event will center around 50 historically significant fashion pieces that are too fragile to be worn again. The accompanying exhibition will feature around 250 rare fashion items from the Costume Institute’s collection, spanning over 400 years of fashion history.

The dress code for the 2024 Met Gala is expected to be more ethereal, soft, whimsical, and coquette, inspired by the ‘fleeting beauty’ theme. Guests may wear floral or nature-inspired looks, as well as more avant-garde or Elizabethan-inspired ensembles.

Rihanna at 2023 Met Gala
Rihanna in Valentino and cat sunglass Met Gala 2023

What is the 2024 Met Gala dress code?

The dress code for the 2024 Met Gala is ‘The Garden of Time’, inspired by the J.G. Ballard short story of the same name. Guests are expected to interpret the ‘Garden of Time’ theme through floral motifs and potentially darker, more transient elements.

The dress code focuses on the concept of ‘fleeting beauty,’ like a flower in a garden. Guests can interpret this in various ways, such as:


Incorporating nature/ garden themes, with floral prints, motifs, and 3D flower designs.


Historical/ scientific references to time, or literal clock/ timepiece inspirations.


Vintage and archival fashion pieces, continuing the recent trend of historical inspiration on the Met Gala red carpet.

However, celebrities are likely to avoid wearing delicate historical pieces after the backlash Kim Kardashian faced for wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the 2022 Met Gala.

Overall, the ‘Garden of Time’ dress code encourages guests to explore the intersection of nature, fashion, and the passage of time through their attire.

Met Gala. Metropolitan Costume Institue
Andrew Bolton, the Wendy Yu Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Who to Expect at the 2024 Met Gala?

Rihanna has confirmed her attendance at the 2024 Met Gala. Other expected high-profile guests include Beyoncé, Blake Lively (the Queen of Red carpets), the Kardashians, and the Jenners. Notable celebrities who attended the 2023 Met Gala; Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Michelle Yeoh, Anne Hathaway, and Erykah Badu are likely to attend this year as well. A Met Gala regular, Cara Delevingne, Olivia Rodrigo, Uma Thurman and Sarah Paulson are expected to be there.

As TikTok is the lead sponsor for the ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’ exhibition, more TikTok influencers and content creators are expected to grace the red carpet at the 2024 Met Gala.

JLo’s husband and actor, Ben Affleck is more like to appear at the event. Page Six report on April 13 also confirmed newcomers Lily Gladstone and Ayo Edebiri to make an appearance at this year’s Mets.

The 2024 Met Gala is scheduled for May 6, and the red carpet typically starts around 6 pm EST. While performers are usually not announced ahead of time, Lizzo was the surprise performer at last year’s event.

Zendaya in Dolce & Gabbana at the 2017 Met Gala.

Who are Reportedly Skipping the 2024 Met Gala?

Several A-List celebrities are reportedly boycotting the 2024 Met Gala for a variety of reasons.

Fans of Taylor Nation noted that Taylor Swift’s long-time stylist, Joseph Cassell Falconer, had followed a Met Gala fan page (@theofficialmetgala) on Instagram and were convinced she will attend this year’s Met Gala since the International Eras Tours only resumes on May 9 – implying she could still attending the Gala on May 6 before heading for the tour. Travis Kelce received a separate invitation, although it is unlikely that he will attend, according to TMZ. Perhaps both couple would not be gracing the red carpet after all.

Billy Porter may not attend this year’s Met Gala as told E! News ‘I just lost my mom, I have to take care of myself, so I’m doing that. That means not going party sometimes.’

Sadly, there will be no more feline moments from Jared Leto. Earlier this month, the musician and actor informed E! News that he will be on tour with his band during the event. Ryan Gosling’s low-key lifestyle perhaps explains his absence at the Met Galas. Meghan Markle’s absence is understandable given the potential for conflict to break out.


What is the significance of the 2024 Met Gala dress code theme?

The 2024 Met Gala’s theme, “The Garden of Time,” is a nod to J.G. Ballard’s 1962 short story with the same title. Celebrities are expected to draw inspiration from this literary piece for their attire, as detailed in Vogue magazine.

How is the invitation list for the Met Gala formulated?

The coveted guest list for the Met Gala is curated by none other than Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue. Each potential attendee must be endorsed by her. The meticulous process of finalizing the guest list and seating arrangements was highlighted in the 2016 documentary “The First Monday In May.”

Can you reveal who will be present at the Met Gala in 2024?

The Met Gala 2024, under the theme “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” will boast a glamorous lineup of celebrities including Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny, Madonna, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga.

What is the overarching goal of the Met Gala?

Taking place on the first Monday of May each year, the Met Gala’s primary goal is to generate funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. What began as a dinner for New York City’s elite has transformed into an iconic red carpet event and costume extravaganza, attracting global stars and generating widespread public interest.

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