Technology; Angel vs Devil Narrative

Technology; Angel vs Devil Narrative

For the betterment of the 20th and 21st centuries, technology has evolved and become part of human life. Every single day, technology plays an active role in the lives of humans from…

Making Bold Career Growth Decisions

Making Bold Career-Growth Decisions

Perhaps, we are alike, you and I. You may have always wanted to get it all right! Whatever you did; academics, career, relationships, fitness, writing, finances, and all life’s experiences. Maybe it…

The Nuances of New Year Resolutions

The Nuances of New Year Resolutions

There is always an ecstatic buzz about new year’s.  One of the commonest yet important act is the writing of new year resolutions. Resolution in this context means a firm decision to…

Steps To Decorating Your First Apartment

Steps To Decorating Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment may come along with loads of stress and headaches, especially when it is your first apartment. Finding the best designs and furniture for your apartment and decorating…

Social Media Lifestyle vs Reality

Before the existence of social media and the internet, boomers lived most of their lives engaging face-to-face with people. (Social) meant going outside to play with friends. Toys were a luxury, so…

How to set boundaries with your parents

How Do You Set Boundaries with Your Parents?

In our daily dealings or relationships with people, there may be one or two instances where we feel people have overstepped their places or gone beyond lines of which we thought intuitively,…


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